Monday, January 3, 2011

Denis Bejtic

Denis is a real ripper and a real good dude, always a ridiculous time with him.


  1. i found your blog, via prolly, but that's really funn that you ripoff 625 records logo, remember those thrash days!
    hugs from portugal

  2. I've never seen the 625 records logo until now when i just looked it up, and i dont really see the comparison.

  3. xxxxxxxsuiciiiiidexx i can't even find the stupid logo you are supposedly ripping off

  4. When i got in touch i was thinking that you're into thrash core and stuff like that...
    i think they just use this logo at the first releases. 625 records don't exist anymore.
    Here's a picture where you can also see the two face shit
    I just found it funny, if i've time i'll scan one of the record with it.

  5. ok, here's a record cover with it

  6. those faces don't come from 625 records at allllllllllllllllllllll