Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Videos worth revisiting

I recently broke my knee filming so I have found myself with allot of free time. There's been a decent amount of debate over the future of fixed gear freestyle and it's had me looking back to some of my favorite videos from back in the day. I wanted to make a top 5 list of my favorite videos but it's so hard to narrow them down and what's the harm in posting more? At about 3 years old this video of wonka goes way back. I watched this on repeat when it came out. This video features 2 of my all time favorite riders, Super Ted and Tom La Marche. I still want a pair of those pink SAG double straps.

Fixed 3 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

Following the aftermath of one of the best fixed gear videos to date, it features what went down at the New York premiere.

The Revival Premiere, New York City from Skitch on Vimeo.

Torey has always played by his own rules and this is no exception, what I can recall as the first negative BB 29er. It's now become the standard among freestyle riders.

Torey Thornton for The Grime from WRAHW on Vimeo.

For me this is the holy grail of 29er riding. I dont't know if anything will top this, and it has one of the most insane bails ever.

WRAHW Welcomes Tom Lamarche from WRAHW on Vimeo.

The combination of Oscar, Torey's camera work, and Billy Idol make this video one of my favorites. I've been stoked on Oscar's riding since he had that Katana frame with the zero rake fork for bar spins way back in the day.

WRAHW Welcomes Oscar Khan from WRAHW on Vimeo.

Everybody in this video has been a heavy hitter for awhile now and there is some serious stand out shit in here.

WOLF DRAWN: MKE 2 MPLS from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

This doesn't even need a fucking write up, just watch it again.

Tom La Marche from Skitch on Vimeo.

And finally the truly amazing Balhogs Introduction. Every bodies part hits it hard and you can tell some serious effort went into making video the best it could be. The guys behind Balhogs are some of the nicest and most talented riders I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

Introducing: BALHOGS from Balhogs on Vimeo.

Pick up a grip strip and some wax and get grippy and slippy.

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